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  • Just use children
    No, this isn't a post about child labour. It's a post about using children as props. Wait that doesn't sound right either. It's about writing good components, okay?
  • Shotgun surgery and React components
    Firing changes in too many places and crossing your fingers isn't the best strategy. Here's a better one. This is a follow up of last week's post with implementation details.
  • Give names to behaviors not interactions
    Naming event handlers is easy, until you put all your components together.
  • Compound.Components and Context
    The combination of the dot syntax and context can make a component smart while keeping composition intact at the same time.
  • Order of props is important!
    Welcome to the weird world of difficult to debug bugs because of order of props.
  • The best time to write tests
    Maintaining a good test suite with respectable code coverage is hard! Should you write tests before you write the code or immediately after it?
  • Beware of the Apropcalypse!
    It's all fun and games when you just one more tiny prop but suddenly you're drowning in props!!
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